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    When All Systems began, we were just a small local business in a warehouse on Swetzer. As our name spread, we grew bigger and better, and now we’re housed in not one but two large warehouses, and work with customers we never could’ve dreamed of. This growth is all due to the support and projects given to us by customers. This holiday season, let’s remember the small businesses around us. 

     Local businesses thrive off consumers like you. Purchasing from chain stores isn’t bad, in fact it’s most likely a necessity for some products. However, the benefits to shopping local small businesses is numerous. A much higher percentage of money earned by local businesses remains in the community, while a much lower percentage stays around when used at large department stores. Not only does shopping local improve the local economy, it also keeps a sense of community and uniqueness around town. This matters to a world that continuously loses authentic charm with the commercialized and unoriginal construction of chain store upon chain store. Shopping local is also said to be better for you! Local produce tends to be fresher and better looking, as well as endures less travel and production experiences. 

    Overall, local shops survive off of your consumerism. In an age of sterilized department stores and booming online superstores, supporting local small business is the easiest way to do your town’s economy a favor. 

Why should you shop local?

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